Mitre's Edge - TGIF Tasting 04 Sept

Die Tannie Kan Wyn Maak

Lola Nicholls comes off a little offhandish but once you sit down and get to know her you realise that beneath an aloof exterior actually lies a shy, reserved confidence and a deep passion for her work.

Lola launched her career and cemented her passion for Bordeaux varietals working as winemaker at Warwick Wine Estate in the late 80’s where she had to tread in the deep footprints left by the first lady of the wine industry, Norma Ratcliffe. Two powerful matriarchs of the wine industry who both helped forge the path for Cabernet Franc.

Lola went on to forge her own path and in 1999 took on the task of developing what is today Mitre’s Edge Wine Estate where after careful replanting they launched her dream of a five varietal Bordeaux styled blend the Sholto.

We kicked off this year's spring TGIF tastings with an overview of their wines. The Cab dominated Sholto 2017 was deep and brooding but of the Bordeaux style blends my favourite had to be the Mitre 2016. Slightly herbal nose with dense dustry tannin and an endless finish of ripe dark and red fruit.

The Rose 2019 was no slouch either with vibrant red current on a bed of white peach and apricot. But the star of the show was the cheekily named NVME. So called Non Vintage Mitre’s Edge is litle blend of everything left over after blending. Malbec domininan with that unmistakable juicy winegummy red fruit. An absolutely smashable treat of a wine

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