Sam Lambson | Minimalist

Sam Lambson started making wine while still studying, running between class and the cellar to check ferments. Simultaneously he was spending some time working at the now defunct Hawke and Schoon Wine Shop, after which he took on harvests helping Carl van der Merwe at De Morgenzon, then Lukas Van Loggerenberg and Chris Alheit. So the kid really has wine in his veins. 

“What gets you excited?” I ask him. “Syrah”, he answers, “especially from Elim”

“While working at Hawke & Schoon we used to taste these incredible “salt and pepper” style Syrahs from Elim by Trizanne. They had the most incredible peppery perfume on the nose with this saline minerality on the palate. 

I wanted to create wines at the point where science and art meet and let the vineyards speak for themselves.

I suffered from a long episode of depression back then and it was incredible how, even when I felt totally numbed out, great wines could still reach me. And that has gone on to become the inspiration for Minimalist Wines as well as the name for my flagship Stars in The Dark Syrah.”


The “experimental range” really puts the emphasis on mental. Mental health. With 10% of all proceeds going to (SADAC) The South African Depression and Anxiety Group. And it also gives Sam the opportunity to play around a little, experiment with different varietals, terroirs and vinification methods while he finds a stable mate for the flagship Stars in The Dark Syrah.